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ArchiveClipboard 20100125.0142




ArchiveClipboard is a tool designed to make a smarter/advanced use of your native clipboard.




  • Configurable Clipboard-Monitor Settings: Check which types of content you want to automatically archive while you are working;
  • Configurable Notifications: Choose when you want to get a notification when something occurs or while you are performing some operation;
  • Copied? Saved! You won’t ever lost again any copied content in your computer when your Operational-System crash. ArchiveClipboard has a unique feature that save all memory contents into HardDisk at the content detection moment;
  • Drag & Drop: ArchiveClipboard allow you to drag and drop contents between your Operational System and any other Applications that may also available this feature, and more, ArchiveClipboard have a unique feature to convert Text and Image contents to Files, if you copied a Text you can easly drop the item on your Desktop and a Text-File will be created, the same applies to Images;
  • Update-Check: Let ArchiveClipboard tell you when you need to download the last build version. Update-Check connects to ArchiveClipboard server and check for the last available build and shows you when it is time for update;
  • Preview: You have copied tons of stuff, you may want to see what is copied by using the Preview feature, just Double-Click or Right-Click > Preview to identify or even edit (only text by now) the copied contents.
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